Sandeep Shirodkar is a musician and music producer, and works mainly for the Indian Film Industry in Mumbai.

    His father, Mr. Hemant Shirodkar, was also a musician and played the guitar for famous composers of yesteryear, Kalyanji-Anandji. As a child, Sandeep used to frequently accompany his father at session recordings.

    He learnt to play the synthesizer from his father at the age of seven. Sandeep’s professional career as a musician started when he played at his first recording session. And he was just 12 years old then! He soon realized that this was what he was going to do in life… i.e. “make music”.

    Besides getting guidance from his father, Sandeep needed to get trained with MIDI programming; something that was fast changing the music scene forever. He started training under Viju Shah (son of Shri Kalyanji,) and learnt his basics under the able guidance and support of Vijubhai. Sandeep owes a lot to him for this, and regards him as a ‘Guru’.

    Over the years and countless sessions later, Sandeep can honestly claim to have worked with each and every music director in the Industry. This vast experience has taught him a lot, and moulded him into the musician I am today.

    Sandeep loves all kinds of music and listens to R&B, Underground, Progressive Trance, hip-hop, pop, …everything! He is influenced by the music he hears, and loves to use soft-synths and experiments a lot in his work with new sounds. He loves to blend Indian music styles with music from the West. Although he uses a lot of cutting edge digital gear, Sandeep still loves the analogue sound, and prefers to record live percussions and mix them with electronic sounds. He is known for his programming skills in the industry, and many of his songs have gone to become all time chartbusters.

    He also watch a lot of movies and researches on the background music used in movies; and tries to understand how sound and picture work in tandem. He loves doing background scores, and has now won several awards for his recent films. Sandeep is popularly known as “Sandy” in the film industry.

    Music happens to be Sandy’s biggest passion and one can safely say, it flows in his blood! Explore more about his work, his state-of-the-art studio and his music on this website.